But what does that mean? Well, here are 3 words most commonly used to describe me:

INTENSE - the word most frequently used to describe me has come to be "intense". I live life at a "level 11", doing nothing half-heartedly. I don't speak quietly, I don't say or do things I don't believe in, and I am bluntly honest.

PERKY - my favorite word is "delightful", and that's the attitude with which I try to live and view life. My optimism isn't blind, but I have found zero reason to dwell on the negative. I walk with a bounce in my step and enjoy doling out bright, expressive smiles.

PASSIONATE - with intensity there is passion. I love and believe in the things that I do and the causes that I support. Ask me about politics, yoga, weightlifting, diabetes, art, psychology, great books, mental health, makeup... I can guarantee that I've got a rant or a very enthusiastic story to share. I am selective about what and with whom I spend my time and energy on because of how deeply I invest and care.


As a professional, I am extraordinarily passionate about building and maximizing the reach of communities and content. I use my organizational and analytical skills to do so intelligently, and mix in my penchant for design and all things colorful and creative to make them fun and engaging. I've spent years learning and practicing IDEO's methodologies for design thinking and Google design sprints to iterate and learn from users to make truly great products. I am proud of the legacy I am creating, one day at a time.

At GitHub:

  • Created and grew dozens of campaigns and processes from the ground up.

  • Launched dozens of products including GitHub Actions (Universe ‘18, and with CI/CD in ‘19), GitHub Package Registry, GitHub Sponsors, and Free Private Repositories.

  • Follower growth across all channels:

    • Instagram +125%

    • Facebook +14%

    • Twitter +5% (~125k)

    • LinkedIn +500%

While at Tierion:

  • Created and implemented content strategies and processes from scratch.

  • Grew Twitter audience ~25% in one quarter using new content strategies.

  • Expanded the range of marketing channels used, increasing the number of impressions on any given post up by at least one million.

  • Shut down hundreds of spammers and trolls in order to protect and maintain the health of the community.

While at Product Hunt:

  • Acted as project lead on multiple projects, including Ask Product Hunt and the Contributor Program, seeing both projects through from ideation through multiple betas, release, and updates. To accomplish this, I worked with the community (users), internal marketing and social teams, engineering, and design teams.

  • I increased user engagement by 50% for the Fri / Sat / Sun time slot by taking over exclusive coverage of the site and social media during those times.

  • Wrote and/or copy-edited all copy from "Ryan" or non-newsletter emails from Product Hunt, as well as all copy for the Contributor Program.

  • Closed over 7,000 support tickets across multiple support platforms.

While at Buddy's Nut Butters:

  • Re-designed labels for peanut butter that is on grocery shelves across the Midwest.

  • Designed original labels for new squeezable peanut butter packets.

  • Assisted in product development of new squeezable peanut butter packets.

  • Increased follower count on Twitter by roughly 75% over two quarters by leveraging relevant "foodie" content and consistent posting.